Dr.Clo For Household

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Dr. Clo Household has multiple purposes. It can be used at home to keep common areas safe by eliminating odors and germs around the most bacteria prone risk zones such as the entrance, the pantry, the shoe cabinet and the pet spaces.

Dr.Clo Household can also be used in your office to sanitize common areas; while your on the go to sanitize the air around you or even inside your bag to sanitize its contents!



  • Disinfects the air from bacteria and viruses
  • Sterilizes the air from mold, fungi and other microorganisms
  • Removes toilet and drain odors
  • Removes Mildew and damp odor from closed areas such as In Wardrobes, Garages and Storage Rooms
  • Removes shoe odor and sweat odor
  • Eliminates bad smells from fabrics that are hard to wash frequently.


Sodium Chloride (less than 14%) solution, Hydrogen Chloride (less than 5%) solvent, distilled water.


  • Do not use this product for any other than the intended purpose
  • Not safe for human or animal consumption
  • Store away from direct sunlight
  • Do not overbend or disassemble
  • Keep away from fire and flammable material
  • To reduce risk of corrosion, keep away from iron and manganese (minerals).
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets
  • If product ingredients come into contact with the eyes or skin, rinse thoroughly with water, and get medical help.


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